This drawing on A4 paper, created in 1999, was exhibited only once in Ortona, Italy in 2001. There, my colleagues Zlobec, Friščić, Mezak, Đukić I had a joint exhibition that was held in an old Masonic palace. We slept in an old people’s home, where we had an entire floor to ourselves. The biggest fun for us was racing in the wheelchairs and pouring water from the hydrant on the terrace of this terrifying building, where every night we could hear an old man incessantly wailing mamma mia, mamma mia. The month spent in Italy was a terrific experience, and the entire event was described in Zlobec’s book Abruzzo – on the other side of the sea (the book was translated to Albanian). Yesterday, the owner of this drawing became Irena Kuduzova, who kept begging me to give it to her, since it had been for certain time with her husband Igor Kuduz, an artist and designer, who published the drawing in his advertising leaflet.