The painting was created in 2006 for a big exhibition featuring Federico Garcia Lorca, the famous Spanish poet. The exhibition was held in the National and University Library in Zagreb, where I had a chance to meet Lorca’s niece – a really nice lady with whom I talked about him. Lorca was brutally killed by the Spanish fascists. Pero Smiljanić, an art collector and merchant from Bjelovar, almost got hold of the painting, but luckily it didn’t fit into his car (it was a few centimeters too wide for his car). I’ve decided to give it to Ms Lorca and I’m waiting for Enes Quien to get better, so we can figure out how to get this painting to Spain. The painting was made in acrylic and by gluing photocopies on canvas. Lorca was a great poet, so here’s a poem to remind us of that:

Horseman's Song
Distant and alone.

A black nag, the giant moon,
and olives in my saddlebag.
Even if I know the way,
I never will reach Cordoba.

Over the plain, through the wind,
A black nag, the bloody moon.
The Reaper is watching me
From the tall towers of Cordoba.

Oh, such a long road!
Oh, my valiant nag!
Oh, the Reaper awaits me
before I ever reach Cordoba!

Distant and alone.