Hills and needles(s) to say me

Oh, my people


Needle I

Desert Needle (owner Enes Quien)

Hills, Needles and I was an exhibition held in the Izidor Kršnjavi Gallery, which I am currently running. It should have been held in the private gallery Stančić, but ten days before the opening, the director told me that there would be no exhibition, even though everything had already been arranged. After we settled our dispute, four days before the opening night, I accidentally found out that two days after the opening of my exhibition, some fashion designers’ works and a fashion show were to be presented in the same space. Unbelievable! Naturally, I cancelled everything and threw the invitations away. Enes Quien and Igor Zlobec (who was really funny this time, and what’s best he quoted Stanko Špoljarić – only Zlobek can to that) wrote an excellent foreword. In short, this series is concerned with me and my surroundings.