Well, this is my graduation thesis, which means that it was created in 1994, and it represents a depiction of heaven with a musician, a dancer, bumblebees, doubting Thomas and Jesus. I remember that after it had been exhibited at the Academy, none of my professors deigned to come to me and voice their opinion. Only my professor Stanko Jančić told me that I wouldn’t win the Rector’s Award, but rather my colleague Krešimir Rod because, supposedly, he was poor, but I remember that people used to tell how his family owned 16 cows and a big land in Zagorje! I also remember how 9 of us lived in 60 square meters because it was wartime, so we took care of our relatives who escaped from Osijek. I sold the Angels-Bumblebees to Marin Marinić and Ljubo Gamulin. It should be pointed out how the tank watch that was a part of the installation was stolen from a tank in front of the building of the Assembly of SFRY in 1991 during the demonstrations against Milošević by my friend Boris Pikelja. The music I recorded on the church organ also played an important part of the ambience. It consisted of two tones that reminded of ship sirens. While recording it, the nuns got so sick of me that they chased me away from the organ!