Winning Laziness

Madonna di Campiglio

This Is How Green My Valley Was

If There Is No River You Can Take the Road


Winning Laziness (the title is ambiguous) was an exhibition held in the Karas Gallery in 1998. This is also the name of the installation that consisted of a stretched hammock, a photomontage of a row of palms (which I gave to Smiljan Tolj as his wedding gift) and a blue column. This is the expression of my yearning for a relaxed and carefree life. This installation was also exhibited in the Traffo Gallery in Budapest on the occasion of the presentation of Croatian art. The reliefs were presented in a series and are actually allegorical, minimalist landscapes. Toni Barbić, a worker in the Klovićevi dvori Gallery, owns the work If There Is No River You Can Take the Road. I exchanged it for a bunch of their publications and he keeps nagging me to give him Elephant Foot, so I guess I’ll have to give in. Vatroslav Kuliš bought Madonna di Campiglio, while This Is How Green My Valley Was and Crocodile are still in my possession.