My father

Bird in barcode

Conversation with Prehistoric Man

In 1997, Zlatan Vrkljan offered me to hold a one-man exhibition in the Arterija Gallery. I named it Good Night and it consisted of some ten works which, actually, didn’t have that much in common (why should they, after all). At that point, the arrogant and conceited Vrkljan pissed me off because ten days before the exhibition he kept complaining how I hadn’t done what he asked me to do, which is extremely stupid of a person who once represented Croatia at the Venice Biennale. I see no reason why I should listen to a mediocre painter telling me what to do, and on the top of everything, all that without the money. The central object was Wooden Bed accompanied by other works in various media. Here, you can see three works – a photo of my father on a meadow in his birthplace, a wood relief Conversation with Prehistoric Man and engraved granite Bird in Barcode, which describes consumerism, also bought by my friend Ivan Roca.