Jesus Falls Under the Cross

Veronica’s Veil
Jesus Is Stripped

Altar (Jesus’ grave), my friend Danko Friščić helped me paint it

Via Crucis or Calvary (Križeva pot in Slovenian) was created in 2000 and is now in Stari trg (ob Kolpi), a village near Predgrad, Slovenia, where my late Old Dad used to live, i.e. in my father’s birthplace. It was mostly created with a CNC machine according to my original drawings that I made after the photographs of my students whom I dressed as Jesus and the Romans. I was also partly inspired by P. P. Pasolini and his film The Gospel According to St. Matthew! It is entirely my authorial work, and local parish priest Jože Pavlaković accepted all of my ideas. He is a really nice man, a vegetarian and a yachtsman who, every year, gets away for a couple of months to the Adriatic sea, where he has his wooden sailboat which he made by himself. It meant a great deal to me that my dearest Old Dad had a chance to see this work just before he passed away and he was so exhilarated to be sitting next to the bishops at the same table (he was a modest peasant!)! It should also be mentioned that during the Second World War the Italians destroyed all the chapels with the Calvary under the excuse that they could be used as bunkers! You should go and visit this area because the nature is magnificent!